The Abbey Pie Baking Contest

“Apples? Hell no!”

That was my response to the advice given to me by my friend Jeremy when we were trying to find a topping for our Lemon Chiffon pie in this past Pie Contest. Lemon Chiffon is a simple, no bake pie that is really nice in the summer, as it’s cold and smooth. It’s my favorite pie, shown to me by my grandmother. I like to bake a lot and when I heard about the Pie Contest, I knew that I would be able to shine. I asked Jeremy to help me only because teams of two were required to compete, but he actually proved useful and for that, I was grateful.

But then he comes up with this crazy idea to put apples on a lemon pie. Ridiculous. I laughed at him and I told him that’s absolutely foolish and I refused to try it. So we moved on to try other toppings and we found unsweetened chocolate fit well with the pie so we sprinkled some on. Well, actually, we sprinkled a lot on…

But then Jeremy came back up with the apples. Exasperated and ready to throw it back into his face that apples did not go well with lemon chiffon, I tried apples with my pie.

I melted. The tartness of the green apple and the sweetness of the lemon worked just right. It was a hit-or-miss type of thing, and Jeremy’s idea hit right on. I liked it a lot and so, we put apple slices on my pie. It looked amazing and it tasted even better. I ended up getting second place, and it was a really good feeling. —Kai Smith ’15