Learning about Johnson and Wales University’s Culinary Program with Chef Sara H. Samuels

Chef Sara H. Samuels from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI visited the Culinary Club along with any other students who might be interested in a culinary career. She was extremely informative and engaging, wisely offering to prepare something with which to feed her audience. She made spring rolls, beginning first with a dipping sauce before cutting vegetables, soaking rice paper, and rolling them up. Our own students had a chance to try their hand at it as well.

 IMG_5842Kevin Jiang–The Johnson and Wales visit differentiates from my any other tasting experience. A real life culinary TV show took place right in front of me from which I learnt not only cooking skills for spring rolls but also practical business and tricks behind the culinary world . The vegetable spring rolls created by the chef even successfully conquered the sensation of a stubborn carnivore like myself.

Chelsey Ayin–‘It was really exciting having a representative come all the way from
Johnson¹s and Wales to visit us. She not only talked about the great
benefits of applying and/or attending their school, but she also gave a
cooking demonstration of cold spring rolls, which was a real treat. They
were simple, fun and very tasty!’